Coccole Venete und Fahrradtourismus

Relais Coccole Venete, on guest’s request, in collaboration with a local craftsman, provides a mountain bike service, which takes visitors to the local cycling ring.

The ring of Euganean Hills is a cycle tour in the Padua area. It was opened in 2012 after years of not always easy to cooperation between municipalities, provinces, regions and individuals. It is marked by the acronym E2, or hiking trail one day. The entire circular route, which develops around the Regional Park, is about 63 km long and ideal for a day (3-6 hours depending on the bike and the rider), but if you plan to ride in peace and stop to visit the sights you can be divided in the space of a weekend, stopping in one of the hotels that provide special services for cyclists. The route, which runs along various waterways is almost completely flat; the only climb, however, light enough, is located near Bastia. The ring of Euganean Hills through small towns so it is not essential to have with him of food and water: staging points are not lacking.

A few parts are separate paved bike path, other moderate mixed traffic to 30 km / h, and to a lesser extent white paths. Nevertheless, there are some problems and deviations, due to not reached agreements between local authorities and the owners of some land, which is not capturing the tourist importance of the cycle lane and the possible economic repercussions prevented the perfect realization of the path is not conceding the passage through their territory . Some disputes between institutions and individuals are still ongoing and in some cases the state has resorted to the expropriation granting financial compensation. It ‚also true that some of the first hesitant to pass the Italian and foreign cyclists groups changed their minds and, indeed, shortly after they opened small eateries along the ring.

On the ring of hills Hills meets every type of bicycle: racing, mountain biking or touring. Because of the white stretch path not perfectly maintained, the latter may be the less suitable or however one that suffer more a part of the track. In this situation a suspension bike, but not essential, it will save you some stress and a little ‚hard work. Being close to rivers and then very wet, the ideal season for a bike ride on the Euganean Hills is spring. Finally, it is helpful to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the many fruit flies that would otherwise end up in the eye.

The area has a highly recognizable, characterized by volcanic mountains in the background of almost perfectly conical shape. Another peculiarity of the territory are the waterways, that until the postwar period, before the mass motorization, constituted the main roads between the towns. Even the classical architecture villas are a leitmotif of the Euganean Hills area, destined early as a few centuries ago as places of relaxation and free from the stress of the city. In 1500 have spread then the peasant homes thanks to land reform (Law on „goods inculti“) that after the testing of the first reclamation provides for the grant of land on the cheap to private as long as you cultivate. The ultimate goal was to supply Venice some groceries that would otherwise have imported from abroad. Other characteristic features of the place, finally, are the castles and the hermitages located almost on top of the surrounding mountains.

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